Health & Safety

The Management and Board of Directors of Northern Gold Mining Inc. (NGM) consider the safety and health of its employees, consultants and contractors to be a critical part of managing efficient exploration programs and mine operations. NGM is developing a corporate culture whereby all workers, supervisors and management are helped to understand that safety is everyone's responsibility and it is the duty of everyone to contribute to making safety a success in our Company.

In recognizing these core values, NGM is committed to providing leadership that results in achieving efficient productivity in a safe and healthy work environment, and to be pro-active in the development of best safety practices, policies and procedures in all aspects of its business, and to comply with all occupational health and safety laws and regulations that govern its activities.


Northern Gold is committed to responsible environmental practices and considerations at each stage of project planning. To this extent the Company has retained Blue Heron Solutions for Environmental Management Inc. to ensure mine development and planning will comply with environmental regulations and to optimize environmental processes.


Northern Gold is aware that its mining exploration practices affect its local community and that careful consideration is required to enhance conditions in that community where possible. To this extent we are actively working with our neighbouring Wahgoshig First Nation to support their community, hire local band members, and continue to further the good relations we have implemented to date. Northern Gold is a significant employer in the region and plans to continue to provide jobs and training as it expands to production.